Big changes in the top list of famous French people for 2013

Omar Sy, new most popular French celebrities in France for 2012

These days, a new list of famous French people was published by the French newspaper Le Journal Du Dimanche (JDD). Regularly, this newspaper give a list of 50 most famous persons in France.

I already give you a list of 10 most famous French people. This list was mainly about historic persons famous all over the world. The list given by the JDD concerns people who have the maximum rate of influence and sympathy in France.

Here is the latest list of the 10 most popular French people at the end of 2012:

  1. Omar Sy – main actor in very popular movie Les Intouchables (see his picture above)
  2. Gad Elmaleh – humorist and actor
  3. Yannick Noah – last French tennis man winner of the French Open, also famous singer.
  4. Jamel Debbouze – humorist and actor
  5. Jean Dujardin – humorist and actor, first french actor to win the Academy Award for Best Actor.
  6. Laurent Gerra – voice impersonator
  7. Simone Veil – politician, former minister
  8. Zinedine Zidane – former soccer man, leader of the team who win the World Cup in 1998.
  9. Florence Foresti – humorist and actress
  10. Dany Boon – humorist and actor, producer and main actor in the very popular movie Bienvenue Chez Les Ch’tis

You can find the photos of these famous french people on the website of the JDD.

I also found an article about this survey (if you are not afraid of reading in French) . You can see that the former leader was Yannick Noah, and there was only 6 leaders of this list since 1988. You can also see that with the economic crisis of these days, the persons in the top 10 are mainly humorists. Politicians are not present.

If there are changes in the top of famous French people, I will keep you informed in a future article. That will enable you to discover new famous French celebrities.

PS: If you want to know more information about current famous people in France, I created an extra document to list the 50 most appreciated persons for 2013.
Please, fill the form in the sidebar (your name and email address) to download the document about the 50 most famous and prefered people in France in 2013 (and you will also get the other bonus files available for some lessons of this website)

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