How to say Bless you in French

God bless you in French

Here is a short lesson so that you can know the equivalent of “god bless you” in French.

When your interlocutor coughs, you can say “A tes souhaits !” if he (or she) is a friend, or “A vos souhaits” if you are in a formal conversation. In the two cases, the litteral translation could be “to your wishes!”

As I mentioned in my book “How to speak French in 5 minutes”, and as you learned is previous articles, such as “7 expressions to say How are you in French”, there is a difference in the use of the personal pronouns “tu” and “vous” depending on who you are talking to. For the possessive pronouns, it’s the same issue, there is a difference between “tes” and “vos”, which is “your” in both cases in English.

If there is a second cough, you can say “A tes amours !”. As it is a familiar expression, we use its mainly with a friend.

Et voilà! I hope this french lesson was useful. What do you want to learn then ? You can tell me in a comment below.

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