How to say “Have a good WeekEnd” in French

have a good weekend in French


At the end of the week at office, in general we say good-bye with the expression “have a good weekend!”.

In French, we directly say “Bon weekend !”. We don’t use the translation of “weekend”, that is to say “fin de semaine”, but directly the English word.

The word “bon” can be used with other nouns, for instance “bonne soirée” means “have a good night”.

When the following noun is masculine, the word to use is “bon”. When it is feminine, “bonne” has to be used. The main difficulty is to determine the gender of the noun.

Over a Weekend, you may want to use a train to visit France. In another article, I give you more information about how to book a train.

After your weekend, you can ask to people and especially your colleagues how was their weekend, and learn how to ask that in French.

Et voilà! I hope the french lesson of today taught you something useful,
I look forward to your feedback and your queries.

See you.


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