How to say sister in French, and more

how to say sister in French

As I saw that there are some readers that want to learn how to say sister in French, I think it’s a good opportunity to see the equivalent of family member names in French.

Here are the translation of this words:

  • Père (Papa) – father (daddy)
  • Mère (Maman) – mother (mummy)
  • Frère – Brother
  • Soeur – Sister
  • Oncle – Uncle
  • Tante – Auntie

With this words, you can nearly talk about every member of your families I think.

Et voilà! I hope this french lesson of today taught you something useful,
I look forward to your feedback and your queries.

I also created an media file to let you know the pronunciation of these sentences. It is available in the member’s section as a gift. Suscribe to the newsletter, and you will receive the new articles and bonuses.

photo rights: Tambako the Jaguar

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