What are the family members in French?

Do you know the list of family members in French? Here is a lesson to learn them.

Actually, you may already learn them in the lesson entitled “How to say sister in French, and more“. In this new lesson, you will have more terms, and also their pronunciations.

Here are the french words for family members:

I write here the french family vocabulary:

  • le grand-père – the grand fater
  • la grand-mère – the grand mother
  • le père – the father
  • la mère – the mother
  • l’oncle – the uncle
  • la tante – the auntie
  • le fils – the son
  • la fille – the daughter
  • la cousine – the cousin
  • le cousin – the cousin
  • le mari – the husband
  • la femme – the wife
  • l’époux(l’épouse) – the spouse
  • le frère – the brother
  • la soeur – the sister
  • le neveu – the nephew
  • la nièce – the niece

If I forgot some family members name in this list, you can add them with a comment of this article.

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