One Jim Rohn motivational quote in French

Push-ups in French

In this article, I’d like to share a quote of Jim Rohn, and give you its translation.

Actually, in the meantime I give French lessons, I enjoy develop new business skills by myself. Therefore, Jim Rohn is one of my favorite author.

Jim Rohn motivational quote

Here is the quote:

You can’t hire someone else to do your push-ups for you

The translation in French is:

Vous ne pouvez pas embaucher quelqu’un d’autre pour faire des pompes à votre place

The meaning of this inspiring quote

In this sentence, we prefer to use vous for you. The verb to can is pouvoir in French. The expression “ne … pas” is basic form of negation in French.

Like in english, we create in French some expressions with quelque, some in English:

  • someone – quelqu’un
  • something – quelque chose
  • sometimes – quelques fois

We saw with the personal pronouns lesson that the verb to do is faire, and a push-up is une pompe. As I did some these days, I often use this word.

At the end, the direct translation is “vos pompes pour vous”, but it’s many words you in the same sentence, so I prefer to give you an alternate expression.

In the next articles, I will try to give you other famous french quotes, if you want.
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