What are the four seasons in French

In this article, I’d like to tell you what are the four seasons in French.

Actually, as the weather is one of the most easy topic to start a conversation, to go further what you learned in the book How to speak French in 5 minutes, it’s quite important to have some notions in that area.

Therefore, here are the four seasons.

  • spring – printemps
  • summer – été
  • autumn – automne
  • winter – hiver

As you can see, autumn is quite similar in English and in French. For the other seasons, you have to learn them… Besides, if you talk about music and especially Vivaldi, you can talk about famous “les quatres saisons” (the four seasons)

In the moment I write this article, we are in summer in France. It’s the period of “big holidays“: children are in holidays for two months, so parents also take holidays, two or three weeks.

In other articles, we will see notions about the French weather expressions, so that you can open conversations and have discussions with natives about the weather.
In what topic do you want to learn vocabulary?
Tell me that so that I can help you improving your French skills.

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  • http://twitter.com/Addicted2Italy Addicted2Italy

    Very good Fabrice.  A good way for someone to remember the word for Winter is that it is similar to the English word Hibernate.  That is of course what many animals do in the wintertime when it is cold.  Keep up the good work, I just sent you an email.  Larry

  • http://french-learn.com/ Fabrice

    Nice method to remember Winter! I got your email. Thank you.

  • Snwinw21

    nice im taking french classes in the sixth grade and forgot to write them done! Thanks :) (ummm Larry)

  • Vikaskaushaljain

    i want to know about four seasons full detail in french language.

    • http://french-learn.com/ Fabrice

      Sorry for the delay of this answer.
      I don’t understand what you would like to know about seasons.
      Could you precise that please?

  • Parnian

    Thanks it’s so helpful but can you write the Pronunciation?

  • Parnian

    Can you write the Pronunciation?

    • http://french-learn.com/ Fabrice

      Hello Parnian,
      Thank you for this feedback.
      I added a podcast on the bonus page of the website (available if you subscribed).
      There is also a video available on Youtube.
      If you see missing information in other lessons, please let me know
      Thank you very much.
      See you